Alpha Mutants is an upcoming NFT utility collection that promises to be a one stop shop for Education, Alpha, analysis tools and community. We have designed our utility to encompass the whole of the NFT space, bringing value to each community member, regardless of their personal experience and goals in crypto.

The primary goal of Alpha Mutants is to provide education. Every community member will have access to a library of education ranging from entry level to advanced level which covers everything from wallet operations to mining rig setup.

Our vision is to let each community member decide for themselves what they love about the space and how they want to participate. Members that desire a more advanced approach may choose to utilize our NFT analysis tools all available from within our discord. These tools include floor sweep & trending mint monitors, contract deploy monitors, mint schedules, rug pull alerts, early watch calls powered by AI, coin & market trackers, trade signals on BTC & ETH and a community hyper node on Ethereum.

Further utility will be provided by our deep alpha analysts who will drop full deep dives into promising projects, giving our community the deep research of the best analysts in the space without the need to spend hours researching projects. This benefit will be compounded with our weekly Alpha Mutant podcast. Each weekly episode will include either market analysis, a discussion with different experts in the space, or a breakdown of individual projects the team are currently investing in.

Utility is great, but it’s also nice to be involved with an artistic project as well, one that gives you an awesome PFP and universe to dive into. We at Alpha Mutants asked ourselves “why not have both”, so each holder will have a beautifully designed PFP, with an immersive backstory with the 1st edition in the form of a comic airdropped to all holders. [as well as other avenues soon to be announced].

Meet the Team

Cryptokenny | Project Lead / Investment Analyst

Kenneth is a investor who has over a decade in traditional markets, and 6 years in the crypto space. Kenneth lives in the eastern United States, and is one of three founding partners in the Crypto investment firm NEA with over 7 million in assets under management. He works with the rest of the team to coordinate project growth, expansion, and operations. He brings his traditional and crypto investment knowledge to grow the community treasury. In addition to this he also hosts the Alpha mutants podcast “Web3Weekly”. With a specialty in deep dive alpha He hopes to provide education, and training to community members that want to become long term investors and players in the crypto and NFT spaces.

Natentate | Lead Alpha Analyst

Nate is from the US, has a masters degree, professional license in architecture and has worked with some world renowned clients and corporations handling multi-million dollar construction budgets. He has been in the web3 space since 2016. Having worked professionally in graphic design as well, NFTs really caught his attention a little over a year ago and have become his primary trading focus at this time. In addition to alpha analysis, he also handles many of the day-to-day operations behind the scenes.

Link | Team Community Manager

Link is our team community manager from down under who has had a career spanning over 10 years inside technical support and customer service. With his technical experience and interpersonal skills helping members Link is also actively involved in growing and developing the Alpha Mutants discord bringing education to the Alpha Mutants University and other aspects to the project development as a whole.

Galion | Social Networking Lead

Obsessed with technology and games since childhood and introduced to the internet very early on Galion started playing MMOs like EQ1, EQ2, Shadowbane, etc. Beginning in the early 2000s, he developed a love and talent for building guilds, online communities, and chat systems for MMOs and PVP games, a skillset which appears to have carried into the NFT space.
After entering the crypto space at the height of the market in November 2021, his eagerness and discord savvy soon led him to NFTs. Soon finding a community of people who were committed to helping each other and learning together, he knew this is where he belonged. As Social Networking lead, He and his team develop social media and branding strategies as well as build relationships and collaborate with fellow builders and promising projects. The social department also produces graphics and content for our twitter and discord posts and handles collaborations such as contests and AMAs.
“My favorite feeling from MMOs back in the day was the ability to help a random person just because you were able to. It’s hard to find opportunities to help out in our day-to-day lives, so I love being able to give back to such a great community”

Chris | Lead artist

Chris is a professional artist from the American Southwest with over a decade of experience working in illustration, game design, and architectural visualization. He has two master’s degrees, one in Architecture and another in Business Administration. He’s passionate about concept art, design, and illustration. Chris is new to web3 and eager to learn more about the NFT space. He is currently illustrating the Alpha mutants’ generative collection. When he is not behind a screen pushing pixels, Chris spends his time hiking, playing sports, and plein air painting.